Monday, May 9, 2011

Red, White & Bloody!

Enrique (Marti?) Nieto

Joe Staton

Tom Sutton

Tom Sutton

Demetrio Sánchez Gómez

I've featured some these covers before. But here are all of the Baroness R.H. Von Bludd's Charlton cover appearances that I'm aware of. She's a beauty, if a dangerous one and a worthy rival (visually at least) to her obvious inspiration Vampirella.

She was created by Nick Cuti and Joe Staton, but I have to admit rendered most successfully by Tom Sutton. Demetrio is credited with the cover for issue #17, but the artist for issue #11 is uncredited.

That artwork was re-used as a splash for issue #17 and an artist is identified named "Marti", but I can't find any record of him other than he worked for Charlton during 1975 and 1976. I do find however indications that "Marti" might be mis-credited for work done by Enrique "Joe" Nieto. So I'm guessing Nieto is the artist for that cover, at least that seems right to my eye.

Here's a link to an earlier post featuring the Countess in an ACG reprint.

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