Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Bride And The Beast!

What is it with women? The Bride and the Beast asks this eternal question and comes up with a surprising answer. We meet our heroine played by Charlotte Austin, a woman freshly married to Lance Fuller, a hunter of exotic animals as she becomes more and more fascinated with his pet "Spanky". This is a script written by the infamous Ed Wood and nowhere does it pop with pure Woodian weirdness than the name "Spanky". Spanky is a gorilla (played not by Ray Corrigan but by Steve Calvert who took over the classic "Naba" suit) and the lovely Charlotte seems to want to spend quality time with him, being compelled somehow by echoes of a past life.

This a movie which makes you think of others -- most notably The She-Creature in which a woman when hypnotized becomes the ancient avatar of olden days. It's all about reincarnation and women seem to hold the key, their connection to a wicked wild past just a mind meld away.

The ending of The Bride and the Beast must be seen to be believed. There's nothing in this movie to shock the kiddies unless they are really intensely paying attention, but when you've finished this movie you will ask the question about what you have just seen. Weird is a word often thrown around, often my the likes of me, but weird is the true word for this fascinating film.

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