Friday, March 15, 2019

Favorite Comic Artist Countdown #19 - Dave Cockrum!

Dave Cockrum drew perhaps the prettiest people ever to inhabit a comic book. No matter when or where you found a Cockrum image, it was almost invariably smitten with delicacy and featured an idealized hero or heroine, especially the latter. Dave Cockrum broke into the my consciousness when he took hold of the somewhat weary DC Legion of Super-Heroes series and injected it with some new fashions and once in a while new characters. It was a series for a hungry audience which leaped to embrace it and the popularity which the feature had once had kindled again as these young heroes from the far far future eventually took control of Superboy's comic. Then  Cockrum left it for greener pastures and allowed another stellar talent by the name of Mike Grell to make a name for himself.

Then it was Marvel which had young heroes of its own to revive and brought forth a new and as it turned out lasting assembly of Uncanny X-Men. Once again Cockrum was the darling of the fanboy set as he drew his marvelous and delightful costumes in stories which struck a chord. Eventually though Cockrum left it for greener pastures and allowed yet another stellar talent by the name of John Byrne to make a name for himself. Eventually Cockrum returned to the mutants and admitted in interviews that leaving might have been a career mistake, but there was no denying that Cockrum was a hit. Cockrum gave us a new Ms. Marvel, the lady currently heating up the theaters and revived at least for a bit. Eventually he gave us his own heroes dubbed The Futurians who tumbled around the Indy marketplace for a few years in an attempt for him to get more remuneration for his hard work. But as much a master of revivals as Cockrum was he couldn't overcome the challenge which we all face and he died much too young leaving a legacy of handsome smiling heroes in his wake.

Rip Off


  1. It is sad that he did the costumes for all new X-men and new costumescfor the Legion and yet Byrne and Grell are the ones that are known for those comics. Cockrum really doesn't get the credit he deserves.

  2. Chimerdave sums it all up for me he set the vrmery high standards and other equaly talanted artist ran with it and got the (deserved) credit. Cockrums work on the LSH and X-Men was groudbreaking as you say he just chose the wrong art assignments after those strips , he was always a great artist but just on strips noright for the amazing talents of a superstar artist


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