Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Maddest Heap!

In a strange and bewildering coincidence, the MADmen Harvey Kurtzman (writer) and  Will Elder (artist) concocted their own "Heap" in the pages of EC's famous satire comic.

This is a Heap in a spoof titled "Outer Sanctum" made not of moss and swamp detritus, but of garbage and the refuse and steaming chemicals of modern man, it's most powerful aspect is the awesome smell.

It happened in the pages of MAD #5, the cover seen above by Elder gives no hint of the Heap's murky presence. To read the story of the MAD Heap, go here and enjoy! All this Heap wants to do is get along.

Rip Off


  1. Though primarily a spoof of the radio show Inner Sanctum, the tale does a kool, yukky rendition of the Hillman Comics Heap making it a spoof within a spoof!

    1. "Yukky" describes it. I've been reading a lot of muck monster stories in recent weeks and this garbage pile is the most disgusting of the lot. Funny, but disgusting.

      Rip Off