Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Revenge Of The Creature!

Revenge of the Creature hit the movie theaters in 1955, hot on the scaly heels of the first Creature feature and this too was in 3-D, though that element was less impressive. The first movie was amazingly successful as it isolated our cadre of scientist-heroes in a remote lagoon to do battle with a deadly beast they were just beginning to fathom. The sequel flips the script and brings the Creature into the modern world, namely a film variation of Marineland which offered up its facilities.

We get the usual mish-mash of empathy and cruelty though a bit more thoroughly blended this time. None of the characters, led by B-movie idol John Agar are outright villainous but their callous treatment of the Creature is by any measure cruel and his eventual escape and deadly rampage is largely understandable if regrettable.

He cottons to another girl, this time Lori Nelson and Agar and John Bromfield are barely able to save her before the inevitable deadly denoument. The sequel is not as elegantly paced as its predecessor and the scenes at Marineland get a bit tiresome pretty quickly. The Creature roams about in the community a bit longer than seems logical, but eventually he is found and sent to what we presume is yet another watery grave.

That's not true of course as the third and final Creature movie will show. More on that later.

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