Monday, October 29, 2012

Whistling Past The Graveyard!

There is a certain charm to Jon D' Agostino's rendition of Charlton's Timmy the Timid Ghost, especially in the 1962 cover above showing Timmy whistling his way through a tough situation, but not one you'd think which might intimidate the deceased especially.

But D'Agostino's image is actually a reworking of Al Fago's 1956 image of Timmy doing almost exactly the same thing. Fago's cover has more vigor as his drawing typically had more fluid motion than D'Agostino's but I'm hard pressed to choose between these two dandy comics. I like the way D'Agostino frames Timmy's noggin in the yellow moon, but then Fago offers up the added touch of Timmy about to step into a frying pan. What added mayhem this will create is anyone's guess.

Both of  course owe their inspiration, if not to this particular 1950 St.John's cover featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost, then certainly Timmy's very existence as one of the better knock-offs of the classic beloved character.

Rip Off

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