Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monsters Ride At Night!

This rather potent cover for this 1981 issue of Ghost Manor is a clever reworking of a very early original cover for the title, all the work by the great Steve Ditko.

This is the 1972 cover for the seventh issue of Ghost Manor in which the artwork first appeared.

The ominous face is actually from a page within the story.

Here's that page in its totality.

The story is actually not all that good, as it focuses on a gang of jewel-thieving bikers who like to terrorize the local populace by wearing fright masks as they dash around committing robberies. They are led further astray by the green-faced ghoul who they mistake for one of their own, but who it turns out (to not a single reader's surprise I'd surmise) to be much more than he seems and not at all interested in the welfare of the thugs.

Things go poorly.

Here's a link if you'd care to read this Charlton ghostly adventure, hosted by the always dapper Mr.Bones.

Rip Off

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