Friday, May 11, 2012

Tony DeZuniga RIP

Sadly the news of the passing of comics art veteran Tony DeZuniga is making the rounds this morning. DeZuniga was among the best of the Filipino artists who came onto the comics scene in the early 70's. In fact Tony DeZuniga was responsible for recruiting many of these outstanding talents and getting their work here.

I first remember seeing DeZuniga's distinctive imagery on The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1. This was the only issue of this comic I ever bought (I am a boy after all), but the spare and atmospheric artwork made a huge impression on me.

I recognized DeZuniga's name later when he became a nearly ubiquitous inker both at DC and at Marvel. Whether it was superheroes, barbarians, or cowboys, DeZuniga's name was one I associated with a solid professional job. And when he worked alone it was outstanding, especially his women. His Shanna the She-Devil illustrations are definitive in my estimation.

One of DeZunia's early triumphs was his work on Jonah Hex and other western characters for DC Comics. Below is a gallery of some originals by this late great comics master.

Rip Off

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