Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thunderbolts From The Blue!

Here is an outstanding commission piece by Pete Morisi (PAM) featuring some of the more famous characters he's associated with - Thunderbolt, Johnny Dynamite, and Kid Montana.

This is a great illustration and I envy the guy who owns it. I stumbled across this great bit of artwork at Joe Bloke's place.

And while I can never have that, I might be able to find a copy of this.

Morisi did the cover to the very first issue of Fandom Directory from 1979. The cover features a focused Mr.Spock, a somber Shadow, and a very Tuska-like Captain America busting through the window in the back. This one is also an infinity cover. Very neat.

Rip Off


  1. Every time I see some piece of his that I've never seen before, I'm amazed all over again that he wasn't a major star and to this day remains a cult favorite. Well, that's one cult I'm proud to belong to! I only wish I'd known about his work soon enough to meet him and shake his hand.

  2. I've got one question about Thunderbolt. What was the whole problem that allowed DC to use the character once in Crisis, but I don't think ever again? What exactly happened there, Rip?

    Thanks! :)

  3. I've encountered different versions of the story. One says that after the twelve-issue run of Thunderbolt in the 90's failed DC gave back the rights to T-Bolt to Morisi. The more likely story is that Morisi always had the rights somehow and DC ignored that until it became clear there was little money to made on T-Bolt. Whatever, it's agreed now that T-Bolt is owned by the Morisi estate, so DC doesn't have access like they do to the other Action Heroes. Weird.

    Rip Off


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