Tuesday, May 22, 2012

School's Out For Summer!

After a very mild winter with no snow days, I find that the summer looms earlier than ever this year. One of the great perks of teaching is the summer vacation and as I have done for several summers now, I'm staying at home and tending to chores.

It's been a rather dandy year as after twenty years in one place I moved to a new school, a school where teaching is still regarded as a noble profession. It's been hectic and nerve-wracking, but overall I hit my marks and next year should be just as satisfying.

It's been many years since I felt good about my profession personally, it's refreshing.

This is the summer of Tarzan though, the centennial year of the greatest creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Below is a cover gallery of some very early comics featuring the Ape Man as he interacts with some of his fellow comic strip denizens.

Look for a few Tarzan related projects here this summer. Enjoy!

Rip Off


  1. Rip,

    I'm done with finals Friday, then back after Memorial Day for the teacher's institute/finishing up. Our May has been a whirlwind with senior awards nights for our youngest, finishing up the baseball season, having the older home from college -- I am greatly looking forward to the 10 days off between this semester and the start of my 3-week economics course I'll teach in summer school. Then it's off to DC for 10 days at the Holocaust Museum in July. Other than that, it should be a pretty low-key summer with empty-nesting looming on our horizon. My plans are to read LOTS of comics and write up some (hopefully) cool reviews on the BAB.

    I am really looking forward to these Tarzan projects you speak of. One of my all-time favorites!

    And you and I should sit down and talk teaching sometime, hmmm? Eleven more years for me, and it's never about the kids. Never. I've got a list of quite a few other detriments to the system, however :).



  2. Good luck this summer Doug. Sounds like you have more on the plate that I do. I've got a yard to reclaim from Mother Nature and a garage which needs a fresh coat of paint. And I have a wife who must be obeyed. :)

    Rip Off


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