Friday, May 18, 2012

Saluting The Flagg!

I snapped up this collection of Howard Chaykin's sleek and sarcastic American Flagg stories. I recently picked up the first two dozen issues of the run for very small money, but I was attracted to this collection when I got a good look at the interior artwork on the sturdy bright white paper.

Claims are made about improved art on good paper, but often art designed for "cheap" comics don't hold up that well to really lush environments. In fact better brighter paper can damage the effect of the work. That's not the case here. Chaykin's detailed work in harmony with Ken Bruzenak's elaborate lettering really glow on this quality stock. They look better by far, making this collection a real must.

The first volume (there are two apparently) collects the first half-dozen issues of the First Comics American Flagg run plus a prequel story I don't have in other formats.

Rip Off

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