Saturday, May 12, 2012

Frankenstein Alive, Alive!

I was gobsmacked!

It's many a moon since I discovered the existence of a comic book I craved on the stands, one I had not already read about ad nauseum on the internet in a series of hyped articles and interviews. How this comic book came to be without me knowing about it beforehand is a mystery, but it sure does hearken back to the days of yore when finding sweet surprises on the newsstand was a regular part of the fun of comics reading.

This great comic by Berni Wrightson is a sequel of sorts to Mary Shelly's grand novel, the volume Wrightson famously illustrated so many decades ago to much deserved acclaim. Here's a link which shows some of that work to great effect. They have decided to serialize Mary Shelley's novel in the back of the comic, a great way to read this classic yet one more time. To have new material from this master comics man on what is perhaps his signature character is outstanding.

IDW is getting me to buy actual comics again. I already relent and get the Rocketeer comics they produce and I just added Popeye to my schedule. Now for the next thirteen months I plan on following this lush story by Wrightson and writer Steve Niles.


And by the way here's a treat. "The Muck Monster" is seen by many as the story in which Wrightson developed the approach he'd use on Frankenstein. Here's that juicy story from the often reprinted pages of many a Warren magazine.

Rip Off

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