Sunday, May 6, 2012

Earth's Mightiest Movie!

Just got back from seeing The Avengers. I refuse to discuss it in any detail at this time, so as not to spoil any of the thrills, but it's a grand entertainment, a truly action-filled movie. It's funny, clever, and slam-bang, with just a smear of depth here and there.

'Nuff Said for now!

Go! See! Enjoy!

And be sure to stay to the end of the credits...all the credits!

Rip Off


  1. I saw the movie Saturday afternoon ( the 5th ) I had to put all the pieces together as to who the alien's were that were going to attack the earth and to what and where does the Tesseract ( Cosmic cube )lead to...that answer was figured out by films end.
    As far as the movie could not have been made better. The Helicarrier..Banner , Tony ,Thor, Cap and Black widow and Hawkeye and Fury....the mention of L.M.D's it was just films go. Yeah of course they changed a bunch of stuff to make it workable ...of course they did. But it was wrapped up perfectly and I was happy. The HULK was right on and exactly what and who the HULK should be...they finally got the idea of a super hero movie right for once. Super action all the way...thank you to the wonders of CGI.
    It's Movie magic and it worked. If I had to complain...I'd only have one complaint. Where was Valentina De Contessa? They had Agent Hill...but no Val....why couldn't Hill be Val? My only complaint. was great. Action ,suspense, perfectly placed comedic moments balanced with some sad moments...the shit was tight B! jk lol

    The set up for the next film in the end credits
    All I have to say order for me to see all this film has to offer...I'm going to need to watch it a few more times....all I can say...thats it. Just a GREAT, GREAT film.

  2. ps...I understand you don't want to discuss out of fear of being THAT GUY...but I feel I was vague enough and gave nothing away while expressing how much I enjoyed the movie

  3. Oh, I could talk around it, but I want to save it up and give the movie a good solid going over. Not to mention that I need to think on some things in it a little bit.

    Rip Off


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