Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buy War Bonds!

As America's longest war seems at once both to be winding down and settling in for the longest of hauls, I sometimes yearn for a time when the country was united in its overseas efforts. As our troops return, the promises made to them are being often ignored as the cocktail patriots blather on about deficits and priorities. Money for defense doesn't equate to money for veterans alas.

Whatever the case, in decades past the country was united as evidenced by the shout out on the covers below for folks to pony up their own cash to support the effort. Imagine that, asking the citizenry to spend money to support national efforts for the greater good. Must be a socialist plot. Sheesh!

Here are some war bond comic book covers.

And if not bonds, then stamps.

And if not stamps on the covers, at least a call to arms by two of the biggest stars.

"Make War No More." is the ideal, the dream. But since that is unlikely, at the least we can as a nation support the war and the warriors we send out to wage it.

Rip Off

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  1. You should be VERY proud of yourself, Rip! You took what COULD have been a very controversial topic, and kept it nice and calm, with no real baiting at all.

    That said, I KNEW there was a reason I got along with ya so well! LOL



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