Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Of Bernie!

This was dropped off at my house yesterday. On a whim I ordered this over the weekend and then promptly forgot I did it. So it was a real charge when I came home and found this beautiful little volume of Bernie Wrightson material on my doorstep.

It features the work by Wrightson for Warren Magazines, both from Eerie and Creepy. Such classics as "The Muck Monster" in full color, "Jennifer", "The Pepper Lake Monster", "The Laughing Man" and "A Martian Saga".

There are classic adaptations such as Bernie's take on Poe's "The Black Cat" and Lovecraft's "Cool Air". And lighter material such as "Dick Swift and his Electric Power Ring" which features Carmine Infantino pencils with Wrightson inks.

Also by the Infantino-Wrightson combo was "Country Pie", a terrific little horror tale. In a forward Bruce Jones tells anecdotes about Berni and Warren and one is about how Wrightson stepped in to help Infantino after the latter had been fired from DC and was working at Warren out of the kindness of the editors there.

Also on display are scads of the oddball pages featuring Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie which Wrightson did. These are absolutely charming in a peculiar way and make this relatively cheap volume a real bargain.

At the same time I ordered this larger volume of material from Rich Corben. It's not released yet, so now sometime this summer another of these great packages will arrive at my door, a very pleasant surprise.

Rip Off


  1. Great post Rip, I too bought the Creepy book by Wrightson (my fav artist)and its superb for its price! Also got the Corben book on order as I never got the chance to get any of these Warren mags. Great to see ole Corb & Wrightson still doing such great work with their Ragemoor & Frankenstein titles respectively!!!

  2. I had a bunch of Warrens but I traded them a few decades ago. I miss the Vampirellas the most. I like that guys like Wrightson and Corben will get collected, but I'd love to see a Ditko from them too.

    Rip Off


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