Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazing 3-D Comics!

After going to the movies yesterday, I stopped by my local comics shop and used some store credit to get my mitts on a volume that's been calling to me siren-like for some time. From IDW and Yoe Books Amazing 3-D Comics! is just that, a solid hardback volume dedicated to the fad which still bubbles up from time to time in our culture.

There's just something about those wacky glasses which sticks in the imagination I think, and the mystery and magic of 3-D is a visual trick which, while overwhelmed by modern computer technology, still can dazzle like good close magic. There's a nostalgic glow to 3-D which makes folks like me smile.

This volume is alas not as complete as I'd have liked since Joe Simon's and Jack Kirby's Captain 3-D is only represented by a sample page. But there is a a solid adventure tale by Joe Kubert featuring his caveman creation Tor, and we have Sheena on hand too. There are a gaggle of somewhat generic adventure tales, and Felix the Cat and some funny animal stuff to boot. The Three Stooges are present as well as a real gem featuring Jiggs and Maggie of comic strip fame. The book also includes some of the faux 3-D stuff done by ACG and ME to cash in on the trend in a way which could include color.

This is a book for comic book purists for sure, or someone who just wants a quality look at some material that once upon a time tickled the fancy of many readers across the country.

Now I've got to make sure I don't lose those wacky glasses.

Rip Off


  1. When we were making this book, I didn't think I'd be much use because I can't see 3-D but it turned out to be some of of the most fun I've had working with Craig because I got to interview Moe Howard's daughter (whose husband co-created comic book 3-D with Kubert). We talked for about a half-hour on 3-D and then another hour and ahalf or so on the Stooges! Nice lady!

  2. I haven't actually got around to reading the text material in this one. I've been too busy in the few hours I've had it trying the 3-D glasses to fit over my reading glasses (are there prescription 3-D glasses?) and trying to get the images to pop. I've always enjoyed 3-D because for me at least, the effect gets stronger the longer I look at the image, at least to a point. Getting those pages in just the right place is key.

    Rip Off

  3. will the glasses from movie theatres work while perusing a 3d comic? I wonder....

    I have several 3d reprint I like them all.
    My favorite was the 1966 BatMan reprinted from 8 or 9 years earlier. It was reissued of course because of the tv show...I also have the superman stuff from the 90's and I actually have a Sheena and a TOR...both originals...not to mention Battle for a 3 dimensional the graphic design in that one.


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