Saturday, May 14, 2011

Steranko In Porkopolis!

Coming up at the end of the summer is the second Cincinnati Comics Expo. Last year I went to the debut event and met artistic giants Murphy Anderson and Russ Heath.

This year Carmine Infantino was the headliner, but sadly he's having some surgery which will cause him to miss the event. The organizers though have replaced the ailing Infantino with a pretty big name...Steranko.

Jim Steranko is one of those artists who has an amazing influence relative to the small amount of comics work he's actually done. His breakthrough years at Marvel show a talent improving by leaps and bounds on SHIELD, X-Men, and Captain America. His second stint with Marvel as a cover artist in the early 70's showed a smooth and deft talent able to create compelling and lingering images.

I can't wait to meet this comic book icon.

Rip Off


  1. We want to know what happened when you saw Steranko!
    Any previously-untold anecdotes?
    Get anything autographed?
    Details, man, details!


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