Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This is a handsome poster ad for the original Hawkeye limited. Back then it seemed almost every other Marvel character was getting a limited, but Hawkeye was well deserving of one, and adding Mockingbird to the mix was inspired. The ending with them getting married was a real surprise and added real heft to one of Marvel's most interesting heroes.

His outfit never looked quite like this one in the comics, but I love this particular design by Mark Gruenwald and it looks very slick under Brett Breeding's inks.

By now it's probably not a spoiler that Hawkeye shows up briefly in the Thor movie, but I was totally unaware of it, and frankly was very pleased. We got very little of him, and I'm eager to see more next summer.

Rip Off

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  1. I was disappointed with the Hawkeye cameo because he didn't actually do anything, he never even shot an arrow.

    I did like his attitude when he said something like "let me take the shot, I'm starting to root for this guy"

    However making him a soldier ruins the character. Hawkeye uses bow and arrows because it's what he's good at, he was a circus performer and it's all he ever learned. If you make him a soldier and proficient at various weapons then he kind of seems like a moron for taking a bow and arrow over a gun doesn't he?


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