Saturday, May 7, 2011

FCBD 2011!

It's Free Comic Book Day, the national geek holiday today. This promotion has been pretty successful I'd have to reckon. With the relative success of comic book superheroes in the theaters, and a more general awareness of comics, a day like today really does some good to further heighten that awareness.

I love it when I go to stores and see little kids lined up to get comics. You hardly ever see kids in comic book shops anymore unless it's today. The average buyer I stumble across these days are either perpetual teenagers of indeterminate age or surly and crusty old geezers like myself. Kids not so much alas.

Personally I want to get my mitts on the Fantagraphics Mickey Mouse offering and the John Stanley collection from Drawn & Quarterly. I'm out of town today, so I'll be visiting shops out of my regular zone. You might say I'm celebrating the day abroad.

Have a good 'un!

Rip Off

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