Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doomsday Plus One!

Another "doomsday" has come and gone. And in this "doomsday-plus-one" time, let's take a closer look at the vintage Charlton sci-fi series by the late great Joe Gill and the then raw talent John Byrne. Doomsday +1 was a gem, latching onto all manner of science fiction tropes in a mad dash to get exciting stories to the newsstand. This is a series desperately in need of a trade collection.

The series ran six issues with an unpublished seventh installment finding print eventually in two issues of The Charlton Bullseye. Charlton reprinted the run for the final six issues of the run, giving some of them new covers cobbled from the interior artwork. Later Fantagraphics reprinted all of the stories under the title "Doomsday Squad". See this link for more on that.

Here are those covers for the Charlton Comics run. Check out the links for the stories themselves and scroll down for some surprises.

The original run from 1975 to 1976.

Here's a link to the complete story "The Live Again".

Here's a link to the complete story "A Faceless Foe".

Here's a link to the complete story "The Peace Keepers".

See below for the complete story "Hidden Empire".

Here's a link to the complete story "Rule of Fear".

Here's a link to the complete story "All the Beautiful People".

Here's a link to "Timeslip", the final Doomsday +1 story from Charlton Bullseye #4 & #5. For some reason the last page is not shown. Here it is.

And now the reprints from 1978 to 1979.

And here's a jewel, the complete story for Doomsday +1 #4 in its original art form.

Here are some original pages from other stories.

And we close with some original art from the covers.

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  1. Wow, what a monster of a post. That was enough material for a week of posts. I'm interested in reading all of these, but I'll have to do a little each day.

  2. Given the irony of the day, I wanted them all out at once. But I also like to add value to these link posts and putting them all in one place is that value I reckon.

    Thanks for checking in.

    Rip Off

  3. Boyd traded up when he chose Ikei!

  4. I was a big fan of John Byrne back in the day. wasn't everyone? sometimes, I forget why. and then, I look at this stuff, and I remember. that's a great post, mate.


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