Friday, May 6, 2011

Asgard - Before & After!

These are the epic-inspiring sights of Asgard as pictured in Journey Into Mystery Annual #1.

Jack Kirby offers up a spectacle of a city in which only gods could live. (Admittedly it does have a whiff of Disneyland about it. Who knew there was shopping in Asgard!)

Here is an image of a smouldering Asgard after Ragnarok has come.

This ruin is shown in the Tales of Asgard story "Aftermath" in Thor #128.

And here is that same tableau represented some years later in New Gods #1.

Here the fall of the old gods becomes the fertile ground upon which new gods find purchase.

It's worth noting too, that the textures supplied by much-maligned Vinnie Colletta go a long way to thread these images together thematically. Whatever the criticisms of Colletta, there's no denying to my eye the sheer wonder that he and Kirby produced when meshed together.

I need to read all of Kirby's Thor issues and follow that up with another reading of the Fourth World material. I really do.

Rip Off


  1. "Who knew there was shopping in Asgard?"

    K-Mart is EVERYWHERE, man!

  2. I guess we know now why Odin was so stylish. He was a clothes hog.

    Rip Off


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