Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Finding Ditko!

This Out of this World cover is another favorite of mine from the hand of Steve Ditko. One thing which jumped out at me when I saw the original black and white art is the angular nature of the composition. Ditko masterfully controls the eye as everything in this image points the same way. The diver's gaze is directed toward the peculiar mole machine which is appearing at the same angle. What really popped in this is the fact the two fish around the diver's head are pointed the same way, as is the school of fish in the background. Kudos to Ditko for a dandy.

Rip Off 


  1. Just want to thank you for all the Ditko goodness you've been sharing lately! He was such a master of mood & atmosphere, wasn't he?

    1. There's more Ditko on the way, not only this month but in November as well. Stuff by "Sturdy Steve" has been gathering in the Dojo for decades and I'm finally beginning to do some of it a little justice.

  2. Cannot wait some great Ditko covers here already Rip, my favourite artist.