Thursday, December 28, 2017

Kirby One Hundred!

I knew I wanted this one the moment I clapped my little peepers on it. Kirby 100 showcases scuds of vintage Kirby art which is the primary selling point for this fanboy. The sheer spectacle of the King's imagery always wows me and I love seeing it put into fresh contexts which will allow even the most experienced eye to behold it all anew. That works here. Of lesser interest are the myriad talents who praise the great and powerful Kirby and wax on about his influence and how they initially encountered him. Their words are often interesting, but if this Twomorrows book was only that, I'd never buy it. I do like that they've arranged the images in a more or less chronological order, allowing the broad scope of Kirby's career to come into a clear focus as the pages turn. This tome works on the artwork and on that score it a solid one hundred!

For a more detailed look at what's in this book and some other Kirby wonders go here.

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