Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Prince Of Dell!

Bob Fujitani

I'm unaware if the Prince Valiant stories produced for Dell Comics during the 1950's in the wake of the movie adaptation of Hal Foster's classic comic strip have ever been collect, but seeing some of Bob Fujitani's artwork on this project, they certainly should be. He and Paul S. Newman concocted stories adapting and extending the story of the film. The striking image of Val above by Fujitani served as the back cover of Four Color Comics #719 in the middle of the run. Below is a gallery of the striking and memorable covers produced from 1954 to 1958 for this seven issue series.

Four Color #567 June 1954 - Photo of Robert Wagner

Four Color #650 September 1955 - Unknown

Four Color #699 April 1956 - Franco Picchioni

Four Color #719 August 1956 - Sam Savitt

Four Color #788 April 1957 - Mo Gollub

Four Color #849 December 1957 - Unknown

Four Color #900 May 1958 - George Wilson

Here is a link to the story "The Island of Thunder"  from the last Dell issue by Newman and Fujitani. Enjoy!

Rip Off


  1. I really wish modern comics readers would accept stuff like this rather than demanding super heroes, super heroes, super heroes. Granted, there are a handful of comics in other genres, but they seem to be about 1% of what's available.

    How about some pirates, gunslingers, hollow earth explorers, knights & ladies, funny animals, Indian braves, gladiators, etc.?

    At least Archie is still around.

    1. I hate to say it, but I regret to some extent more than a few years wrapped up in superhero comics. They were fun, but as you say there was so much more out there to enjoy. The internet to no small extent has really broadened my horizons and while I've always enjoyed good old fashioned pulp fun in sundry genres, it's more an exclusive pleasure these days, the focus of what I do.

      Rip Off

  2. I think part of the problem is companies want interrelated titles set in the same "universe" to get you to buy more of them. A lot of the audience seems to want that, too. personally I never cared if Spider-Man ever met Godzilla, or if a story about the Junior Woodchucks contradicted events in Tarzan's comic book.


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