Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Valiant Assembly!

Here's a gorgeous illustration produced for the 75th anniversary of the strip by Gary Gianni,until recently the regular artist on the classic comic strip Prince Valiant. Gianni and writer Mark Schultz  took over the strip when John Cullen Murphy, the longtime successor to Valiant creator Hal Foster retired in 2004, becoming only the third regular artist on the strip during its venerable run.

If you'll take a close look at the drawing above, you'll notice a few specific interlopers in the halls of Camelot.

Standing next to Merlin are John Cullen Murphy, his signature mustache and goatee intact and  Hal Foster too, his clean-shaven mug in evidence.

It's what makes a strip like Prince Valiant so precious, not just that it's a profound presentation of a quasi-historical era filled with heroism but that it has a respected proud history of its own as a great American creation. Salute to Prince Valiant and its creator Hal Foster and the man who shepherded the strip for so many decades, John Cullen Murphy.

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