Thursday, June 20, 2024

Summer Green#9 - Plastic Men!

The eighty-fourth issue of Green Lantern and Green Arrow is a curious story indeed. Produced by Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams, this issue is inked by up and comer Berni Wrightson. Wrightson had done one page in an earlier issue, but does the whole issue this time.

The story begins as Carol Ferris goes to a place called Piper's Dell which is run by a charismatic fellow named Wilbur Palm.

Later Lantern hears that the dam of Piper Dell is threatened and goes to solve the problem. Wilbur Palm appears to give his thanks but actually attaches an odd device called a "Kaluta" to his chest which spurts a strange perfume in his face. Lantern is invited into Piper Dell, a company town that manufactures and celebrates plastic. Lantern is later attacked by the zombie-like denizens of Piper Dell but manages to send his ring away to Green Arrow.

Arrow eventually discovers it and goes to the rescue. Meanwhile Lantern learns that Wilbur Palm is actually his old enemy Blackhand and the whole of Piper Dell is a malevolent experiment in citizen control by means of the chemicals and technology. Ferris was brought there only to lure in the Lantern. Lantern is able to escape and finds Carol and the pair try to leave Piper Dell and only the timely arrival of Green Arrow who shoots the power ring to Hal Jordan allows them to succeed. Quickly he subdues the denizens of Piper Dell and encases Blackhand in his own favorite substance--plastic.

This issue seemed to be mostly a tirade against plastic, and the kind of supposedly false society it supports. Given how plastics have developed since the early 70's the criticism seems moot, but never say never.

More to come.

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  1. I remember this one and its tirade against plastic and I think that awful VP of Nixon. Ahh back when comic art when good just blew you away. FYI....FJB

    1. It's hard to imagine how reliant on plastic our modern society has become. O'Neil and Adams were on to something.