Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Summer Green #7 - Harpies!

The eighty-second issue of Green Lantern and Green Arrow features the most important but unlisted member of the team Black Canary. By the team of Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano, this one is an odd one indeed.

Ollie attempts to woo Dinah Drake with flowers when suddenly there appear a pair of malicious harpies who disappear as soon as they appear. Arrow calls in Green Lantern who promptly encounters them himself along with their apparent mistress, a red-skinned menace who calls herself the "Witch Queen". But Lantern detects a familiar threat.

Later Arrow and Canary encounter some very buff Amazons who are much impressed by Canary's fighting skills and then tell of their home dimension was the scene of a battle between a troll-like Wizard and the Witch Queen which banished them. The amazons are out to make all men pay for the Wizard's crimes.

It turns out the Witch Queen is actually the sister of Sinestro and this is a plot to lure Green Lantern into a trap. While Green Arrow and Canary fight with the Amazons to free him, the Lantern is trapped in a distant dimension fighting Medusa. It all comes to a hasty conclusion.

This wasn't the best story of the series, but did have some terrific moments. The relevance seemed to take a back seat to the fantasy, though women's issues are of the moment through out.

It's worth noting that Berni Wrightson inked a single page of this story, a harbinger of things to come.

More to come.

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