Sunday, February 4, 2018

War Eagles And Patriot Games!

(L.B. Cole)

America gathers around the beer and nachos once again tonight to toast the "American Pastime", the blood sport we in America call football. American Football is still dominant and will be for quite some time to come, but this year we saw the edges begin to fray as the hard science of lasting brain injury and the whims of political caprice both inflicted damage on the sport which so many love to worship. Now that fewer and fewer new athletes will be playing football in the next many years, opting for safer sports like basketball and soccer and perhaps even baseball, the game will eventually over time lose its allure. Now that a President has seen fit to make the game part of the psycho-babble which passes for political parlance these day, the Olympian idealism with which the game has been handled by media for many years has been tarnished. The Super Bowl has become what the World Series once was, the iconic event in the American sports world. But the lights are dimming, if only slightly and the long view is not promising for a sport which demands too much of its players for the mere diversion of the masses. We are not amused, at least not as much as we used to be.

(Ramona Patenaude)

And any guess who I'm rooting for, even though I will not be watching? If you guessed any team who doesn't have a guy named Brady for a quarterback, you guessed correctly. As a Bengals follower, I remember decades ago when the Patriots sucked just like us! Ah, the days of yore!

UPDATE: I awoke this morning to the joyous news that the Eagles won in a romp of a game. And the better news is that the loathsome Patriots lost at last.

Rip Off

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