Thursday, February 22, 2018

Coffee With Gumby!

Gumby has been on my mind a lot recently. Enjoyed the 50's and 60's adventures quite a lot. The animation is charming as it can be and the nostalgia for times gone by adds zest to the quaint storytelling. So I didn't surprise myself when I had to order Gumby Imagined, a coffee table book from Dynamite Entertainment.

Coffee-table books once were significant tomes which presented images which were fascinating and even at times rare. With the advent of the net the need for them has diminished mightily, but a lifelong denizen of the 20th century, I admit that sometimes I just need printed material in my lap to read. The screen is fine, but the page is often dandy.

Like Gumby himself, the idea of a book dedicated to his misadventures both before and behind the carefully arranged camera makes for fascinating entertainment. I never really get tired of hearing or reading about stop-motion techniques, the care and sheer force of will needed to make it work is by itself a saga. Modern movies and shows made by computers are wonderful to watch but any behind-the-scenes documentaries or such are often sheer boredom. The work is masterful, but watching it happen is not fun at all. Not so with Art Clokey's magnificent creation. Getting there is a lot of fun too.

Another trip to Gumbasia is scheduled for tomorrow.

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