Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Jonny Quest - The Gold Key Comic!

When Jonny Quest first hit the national airwaves it sparked a good deal of interest and exactly one comic book, predictably from Gold Key.  The story they chose to adapt is the very first one to air, The Mystery of the Lizard Men. This is one of my favorite episodes, it's perfectly paced. According to what I've hear Double Danger was the first episode produced. I'm a little skeptical of that since the latter has Hadji in it and the the story about lasers in the Sargasso Sea does not, the only episode which doesn't.

There is no indication at GCD who produced this one-issue Quest fest, but if you like to read it for yourself, it's available online thanks to the Dojo's very good friend Britt Reid. Just follow this link for Part One, then this one for Part Two and then wrap it all up with Part Three.

There's no doubt to my eye that Jonny Quest creator Doug Wildey produced the artwork for this back cover for the effort. Too bad they didn't get Wildey to the do the front cover as well.

But there was a Jonny Quest comic book series, it would just take a few decades to arrive. More on that tomorrow.

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  1. Oops. This post was on a separate page when i wrote the comment about this book on the following post.

    I guess one issue doesn't count as a 'series', eh?


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