Friday, February 2, 2018

Let The Quest Fest Begin!

Callooh! Callay! It is the most beautiful day! For a teacher there is nothing more exquisitely splendid than an unexpected snow day. Whatever comes later, there's that delightful elation, completely unanticipated, of a day off work. Sure the students are happy, but the teachers are delirious with joy. I fully planned to go to work on this Groundhog Day, got up and took an shower and lo and behold a quick band of snow seems to have targeted my workplace almost exactly. The result is that I now have at hand several free hours to fill with whatever I deem fit. And what I deem fit is Doug Wildey's animated masterpiece -- Jonny Quest. I recently ordered the 80's episodes and 90's films of this esteemed series and they should show up later today. I planned to start my Quest quest tomorrow, but thanks to the whims of climate change (deny all you want) I have a head start. So it's globetrotting today alongside the classic 60's  Quest team as we battle madmen, mummies, yetis, gargoyles, lizard men, lizard creatures, loup garous, foreign spies, robotic spiders, and even an invisible monster.

Sim sim salabim -- the Quest Fest begins.

Rip Off


  1. My favorite part of the show was always the intro & outro - giving you a quick peek at Jonny’s macabre foes, together with that excellent piece of music playing:

    I’ve wanted me a jet pack ever since…

    1. The music for that show is distilled essence of excitement, one of the great themes ever for TV. As for jet packs, count me in too.

      Rip Off


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