Thursday, March 3, 2016

Starfishing - The Many Conquests Of Starro!

Why a starfish as the first Justice League villain you ask? Because a seahorse would have been stupid! Isn't it obvious. Here are some of Starro's best cover appearances from across decades of schemes against the JLofA and others.

These two Brian Bolland JLofA covers are among my favorite all-time for any comics ever. Bizzare, fascinating, and handsome -- typical Bolland.

Some argue that Starro the Conqueror was inspired by the outer space enemy in this vintage 1956 Japanese sci-fi classic Warning From Space. There does seem to be a resemblance.

Aquaman, the hero who first alerted the world to the threat has to battle Starro alone in this issue of Adventure Comics.

Bart Sears had a ton of fun with the Starro images in this trio of stories from the wild Justice League Europe series of the early 90's.

Morrison and Porter made Starro super creepy when they revived him in the great JLA run.

Loved this series which had the great heroes and this cover is a delight.

I think I have this one. Don't remember it well though.

And this one I know I don't have. The Teen Titans seem a bit overwhelmed.

But not the Super Friends, but then Starro seems a bit different too. A pirate? Strange, really strange.

I don't get this cover but it is the only issue of a comic I know that has Starro the Conqueror in the title.  Looks really icky.

There have been a number of great homages and whatnot inspired by the great cover to The Brave and the Bold #28 by Mike Sekowsky. 

One of my personal favorite Starro appearances is his dust up with Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew in the debut adventure of that delicious little send up of the JLofA.

Many years later Scott Shaw made this homage of that battle for a cover of Alter Ego magazine.

This spoof certainly retains the key elements of the original Sekowsky and Anderson classic.

And I really would love to have this, but I ain't paying that much for it. Cute as hell though, but it does look really fragile.

This homage to the classic cover gets mucho points for creativity.

 And this is an action hero set I'd actually want. Beauty. Starro never looked so good.

And there's this.

I told you seahorses would be stupid.

Rip Off


  1. Starro in his own words on his own blog:

    "You got something on your face OH SNAP IT'S ME."

    1. Utterly fabulous. Starro conquers the internets! ("nets"...get it...ha ha...I crack myself up.)

      Rip Off


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