Friday, February 9, 2018

The Big Book Of The Continental Op!

I knew I was going to pick The Big Book of the Continental Op up the second I stumbled across it in the wilds of the internet. I love the heft and feel of these over-sized Black Lizard volumes and I like them especially well when they are stocked with stories as durable as those of the definitive hard-boiled detective, the nameless dick known as the Continental Op. For a better description of Dashiell Hammett's original detective check out this link. It's better than anything I could cobble together. This volume has all the stories and the original serial versions of the novels, a form of literary detective work I heartily approve of. Can't wait to dig in.

Rip Off


  1. I'm a fan. I remember an Op collection called The Big Knockover, that had a wonderful, long introduction by his longtime companion (and a brilliant writer in her own right) Lillian Hellman. It's the best-written biography of Hammett you're likely to find.

    1. Sounds like something to look out for. Thanks.

      Rip Off


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