Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Windmill Swipes!

Here is a cover I ran across several days ago. This Dutch comics features art by Rik Van Neidek who it appears is a specialist in Kirby swipes. This particular comic was written by Ramon Schenk, a longtime online colleague who is among the most erudite Charlton fans on the planet Earth. Below is the Jack Kirby classic the Neidek cover is swiped from .

And here are some more of Van Neidek's spins on classic Kirby covers. The first one is based on an unpublished Atlas imaged which served as a cover for The Jack Kirby Collector some years ago. The others speak for themselves.

I'm a fan of swipes, though I realize the objections. These though (with one exception) acknowledge the King's contribution and appear to some extent designed to tap into a market of Kirby fans.

Rip Off

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