Friday, July 21, 2017

Barda To The Bone!

She's awesome! Big Barda hit the comic book landscape in the pages of Mister Miracle #4 and her presence immediately transformed the comic's direction and scope. Suddenly out quaint comic about a mysterious young man who adopts the role of a show biz escape artist becomes something larger, a mythic battle on the grandest landscapes and it a love story as well. The relationship between Scott Free and Barda is among my favorites in all of comics. I don't know its current state (and don't care) but their romance which quickly developed into a marriage felt like it was legit. We know Barda was a bombastic figure and also inspiration for many comic book artists to come over the years. Here is a gallery of some of their interpretations of the Female Fury from Apokolips.

(Cautionary note: The final image in this gallery is a little bit racy, so a NSFW label might be appropriate. Scroll with care.)

Rip Off


  1. Though I naturally prefer Big Barda drawn by the King, there are some interesting (and a couple of racy) interpretations here. Thanks, Rip!

    1. Dave Cockrum's rather naughty version caught my eye and I searched for others. Some have too much exposure for this blog though.

      Rip Off


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