Sunday, July 23, 2017

100 Days Of The King - Day 64

Hela is the Asgardian Goddess of Death itself and if you gotta' go then being led there by her lovely hand is certainly not the most unpleasant way. A green icon of cold beauty, she appears from time to time in the pages of Thor to follow her purpose to gather the spirits of fallen warriors.

Of course the warrior she most covets is Thor himself who she pursues more than a few times.

It will be exceedingly cool to see her this fall in the latest Thor movie. The previews have looked outstanding!

Rip Off


  1. The movie looks amazing. Both this and the Black Panther seem to have figured out that Kirby is a master of design. If you look at the first trailer for Ragnarok, the backdrop behind Jeff Goldblum in the arena is a blown-up,unretouched Kirby drawing of weird tech out of an issue of Fantastic Four.

  2. Man, you're not kidding. Impressive design all over this film and lots of Kirby-esque touches. I am looking forward to seeing this movie! I was a big Thor fan during his original run in the '60s, and when the first episode of "Tales of Asgard" appeared, I was amazed. I believe it was in this series that Kirby finally unleashed his imaginative potential.


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