Thursday, July 6, 2017

100 Days Of The King - Day 47

It was timing I'm sure, but when I first started reading the Fab 4, I landed during the time when Jack Kirby was inked by Joe Sinnott to startling and refined effect. Many consider Sinnott the best inker Kirby ever had. I'm impressed, but for my money, the inker who made "King" Kirby's pencils glow was Chic Stone. Stone made the FF look at once nimble and sleek, smooth and vivid. Stone was the go-to inker on Kirby for many months on titles like Fantastic Four, Journey Into Mystery, Tales of Supspense, Avengers and X-Men. He was a consummate pro but moved on when opportunities at other companies came available and he produced both pencils and inks for some of the most interesting of the Silver Age offerings. Stone returned to Marvel just as Kirby was leaving to ink the "King" a few more times but for a brief shining time Kirby and Stone were pure glistening silver indeed.

Rip Off

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  1. As good as Sinnott, Stone (and Colletta) were on Kirby's pencils, I'd say Wally Wood was the best inker JK ever had. Woody just took things to a whole new level. The Challengers art is superb.


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