Sunday, March 13, 2016

Adams's Strange!

It's just possible that if you forced me to choose only one, I'd have to say that the Neal Adams cover for Justice League of America #138 featuring occasional Leaguer Adam Strange, is my favorite of that entire venerable run. The dynamics working on this cover are explosive and impossible to resist. Neal Adams created several cover images starring the space adventurer created by Julius Schwartz and designed by Murphy Anderson. I wish he'd done more.

Rip Off


  1. I know it's symbolic, but there's something about the position of Adam's gun that isn't quite right in relation to the other characters. (It looks as if - from his pov - he's firing off to the right of them. Also, in order to have the heroes recognizable, they're facing the reader - which makes it seem that he's shooting them in the back, the boundah!

    1. Sometimes a gun is just a gun.


      Rip Off

    2. Ah, but it's not just any gun - it's an actual Adam Strange ray gun. (Which obviously shoots at an angle.)


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