Sunday, May 10, 2015

The King's Art!

Dynamite Comics is pretty good at one thing, alternate cover art. Sometimes it's even good alternate cover art. The recent King Features crossover event (which has fallen on hard times) started with a bang when they tapped Darwyn Cooke to supply a fantastic cover image for the initial issues. But being Dynamite they needed more and so went to 90's superstar Rob Leifeld for five more images. Here are those images.

Liefeld is at best a mediocre artist with a few high-impact tricks. As usual his images are top-heavy with feet giving him special issues as always. And worst of all is the "hat" on Mandrake's head. Modern artists cannot, by and large draw hats, but this is especially awful. And the Phantom's head reminds me somehow of Carl Anderson's Henry character. I will say his Prince Valiant is okay, and Flash Gordon ain't half bad.

Just to remind us all how it's really done, here is Cooke's splendid vertical panorama from the those same first issues all  connected.


Sadly this series is neither shipping in order nor on time. I'd forgotten what got me off following so many monthly I remember. This is my last dance of this kind with Dynamite. Sigh. 

Rip Off

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