Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tarzan And The Lion Ride!

I ran across the cover to this 1975 British one-shot magazine focused on the various multi-media efforts about the creations of the late great Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is clearly titled appropriately. According to notes it's a product of the same folks who delivered Science Fiction Monthly.

But it was the startling Joe Kubert cover art which grabbed my attention, as it properly should. I knew I'd seen it before and it took only a few minutes to find the source.

This 1973 issue of DC's Tarzan series shows off Kubert's Apeman to great effect as he straddles a great lion in hopes I suppose of subduing him. The backrgound has been altered from this original source, but Kubert's evocative and action-filled poses are undeniable.

Kubert no doubt intended to call back to mind the classic original Tarzan cover image from his 1912 debut in All-Story Magazine by Clinton Petee

On a weird side note, I stumbled across this image from an early Amazing Stories issue which to my mind very like might have taken into consideration the classic Tarzan imagery from some decades earlier.

Rip Off


  1. Love the robot fighting the lion

    1. I just stumbled across that image after I'd already assembled this post and it struck me as highly derivative. The artist must've had the Tarzan image in mind, I convinced.

      Rip Off


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