Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Thing Next Door!

Well blow me down! I did not know that Popeye the Sailor Man had battled the Undead. This Egmont Album cover from the late 70's shows a ferocious Popeye swinging away on a particularly active vampire. I can't tell if the little above is supposed to be his comrade or it's him transformed. But it's pretty powerful stuff for a comic strip.

Here's a sample from the run by Bud Sagendorf. One source indicates this Popeye series only ran in Europe, but that's all I can find. Anyone know more about this intriguing Sagendorf material and why it's not more readily available in these here parts?

Rip Off


  1. That Popeye strip sample is interesting. The paste-over in the word balloon, the white-out on the art, and the blue-line sketch under panel 3 imply that the strip was changed from Olive forming a cross (as one would expect) to a ... dagger?! Since when do vampires flee the sign of the dagger?

    1. That does appear to be the case. I guess overt religious imagery is too strong for daily newspapers, at least in the funny pages.

      Rip Off


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