Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silver Samurai!

The Silver Samurai makes his big-screen debut in this summer's Wolverine movie. I've always liked the big lug, the villain-with-a-code-of-honor is a great device, and Silver Samurai is a fantastic example. He debuted in Daredevil of all places, a creation of Steve Gerber and the painfully underrated Bob Brown.

Later Kenuichio Harada made a big repeated impact in Marvel Team-Up as the foe in a storyline which put together some of Marvel's low-powered fighters. He even took on the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players.  Then came his partnership with Viper, and he's been hanging around every since. He was even part of a super team of sorts, the Big Hero 6. I read that the original Samurai is no more, and has been replaced by his son. That's too bad.  Below is a cover gallery of some of the Silver Samurai's greatest slashes.

Rip Off

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