Thursday, July 11, 2013

Return To Nehwon!

I picked up Dark Horse's Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser the other day. It's a 2007 collection of an early 1990's Epic limited series written by Howard Chaykin and drawn by Mike Mignola and Al Williamson. With a trio of top-rate talent like that working with a grandmaster's material, it would be hard for this not to be an impressive collection. And it is.

In the introduction Chaykin alludes to his earlier time in the 70's when he first adapted some of these stories, and indicates he cringes when he sees them today. His enthusiasm was fully engaged, but his skills were limited.

As revealed by Mike Mignola in the afterword, the project began when he suggested to Epic editor Carl Potts that they do these stories, then Chaykin jumped aboard to have another crack at these Leiber creations. These adaptations are done by a team of seasoned talents, each at the top of his game.

I gathered up the originals some time ago, but it's very nice to have them in a handy single volume. I look forward to spending some time in Leiber's weird world of Nehwon soon.

These volumes are nice companions to these paperbacks with covers designed by Mignola.

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