Monday, July 22, 2013

Challs Down Under!

This collection of Challengers of the Unknown stories from 1971 was my introduction to the "Men Living on Borrowed Time". Showcasing Jack Kirby's late 50's creations, this reprint mag featured an utterly fascinating cover by Kirby in his then-modern style inked with precision by Vince Colletta. These are vintage Kirby heroes given a dose of the more robust Kirby style which infused his Fourth World with such dynamic grace.

I was reminded of that cover when I saw the artwork for it featured on this Australian reprint. The artwork on this version is less encumbered by blurbs and text boxes, allowing the artwork to shine on its own a bit more. It's not to my eye a more effective cover, but it is a better presentation of the pure drawing.

Rip Off

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