Friday, December 28, 2012

Tintin On The Move!

A highlight among my many splendid Christmas presents were the first two seasons of The Adventures of Tintin, the animated cartoon adaptation of the classic Herge' comic strip. I quickly ordered and have already received the third and final season.

With the recent film adaptation by Spielberg and Jackson (which I reviewed here) this 1990's cartoon was deemed sufficiently relevant to get a go at the modern American marketplace. I only got hold of the Tintin adventures a few years ago and gave them a read through, so all of this is neatly fresh to me still.

These cartoons adapt the classic stories in two-part segments for the most part and follow through on all the Tintin adventures save for the controversial ones in the Soviet Union and the Congo and the unfinished Alph-Art. Some changes were made for modern sensitivities, but by and large the essence of most of the tales is intact according to reports.

I'm eager to dive in.

Rip Off

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