Thursday, December 6, 2012

Superman Family Ties!

Seems like members of the Superman Family are often finding themselves all tied up. Whether it's like Jimmy Olsen, brought under control and lashed to his office charir by a legion of tiny Supermen.

Or perhaps a lovely sun-bathing Lois Lane likewise hogtied by a nefarious micro-Justice League.

The Man of Steel himself runs across tiny green alien opponents from the depths of space who want to tie him down. 

Supergirl herself gets tied up in her daily work too from time to time.

And here's Lois again along with some of her girlfriends, all of them bound and in one case gagged.

Speaking of Lois, she can on occasion be the cause of Superman finding himself hung out to dry.

But the Superman doesn't really need all that much help finding folks who want to lasso him for no good reason at all.

Sometimes he can be strung up and humiliated.

In preparation for a worse fate to come.

But through it all, until fairly recent times, there was one tie that Superman refused to bind, though many a DC comic over the decades made it seem that he and Lois had indeed tied that very special knot.

Rip Off


  1. Is it just me or is that Lois Lane 122 a really sexy cover?

    1. Bob Oksner drew some very alluring covers for Lois Lane during that period. I'd recommend when you look at them, you think phallic symbolism. It's pretty...ahem...potent.

      Rip Jagger


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