Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rickles Removal!

This dynamic Planet Comics cover from down under showcases one of the best Jack Kirby and Neal Adams hook ups during the famous Fourth World run. But with a difference.

Here's the original cover with Superman and Golden Guardian flanked by  Jimmy Olsen and a character dubbed "Goody Rickles". The reason is the presence of veteran comedian Don Rickles, who mug is front and center on the globe carried by the two heroes.

For whatever reason (probably a good dose of "Who is Don Rickles?") his face was removed on the Australian Planet Comics reprint and was replaced by this later Jimmy Olsen cover by Bob Oksner according to the Grand Comics Database. I personally see the hand of Dick Giordano in this one, at least as inker.

The final result was less dynamic than the classic original, but I can see why they changed it.

Rip Off


  1. I still can't believe that cover exists. One of the strangest things ever. I mean first off what's Don Rickles doing in a comic? And why would he be on the cover? Let alone highlighted, let alone carried by Superman?

    Not to mention the fact that a black and white picture like that signifies that the person has died.

  2. The character Goody Rickles from that era of ( Kirby Olsen ) played a major part in a story arc. He was a clone...remember they cloned people a lot in those Jimmy comics back then


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