Friday, December 14, 2012


Whether you wear your pajamas in the wee hours searching for a small snack to stave off starvation.

Or put on your footies for a safe and secure midnight stroll among the stars.

Or don your nightshirt for timid raid of the well-stocked fridge.

Or even sleep in the...ahem...bare necessities.

Pajamas are for most of us humans a useful item. But not when put to the evil use seen in this odious commerical.

Those families are residents of Stepford, their leering mugs give me a shiver. There's so much foul false happiness on ugly display here that I must label this the most awful commerical I've ever seen. Don't do this to your family. Please.

Rip Off

1 comment:

  1. Everyone is really getting into it, even in cartoons. onesie pajamas are still a big hit among us, and that will never ever change as long as it is as comfortable as it is right now. It's the best.


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