Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jonah Hex And The Fiscal Cliff!

Jonah Hex (like the United States economy) is hanging by a tenuous thread on these action-filled comic book covers. Like Jonah Hex., the U.S. going over "the fiscal cliff" seems at best a lackluster prospect, but like Jonah I'm mildly confident we will find a way to lift ourselves all out of harms way. I hope.

Look for more western stars facing the threat in future posts. 

Rip Off


  1. That #73 June cover is hilarious!! I've never seen that issue before. I've recently come to appreciate the Jonah Hex stories, and Western comics in general. Good stuff!!

    1. The Jonah Hex stories were pretty entertaining as I remember. I didn't get into them until the late 70's, but even then they had a solid feel to them and left you feeling like you'd read a complete story.

      Rip Off


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