Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Comic Book Caper!

Al Milgrom and Dick Giordano

Everett E. Hibbard and Hal Sharp

Why have three stalwart DC heroes fallen out over a vintage Golden Age comic book? The answer is that there is only one hero on that 1978 cover, Barry Allen the Flash. The "Green Lantern" and the "Wildcat" pictured are merely criminal imposters who are trying to steal the 1942 Flash Comics issue featuring Barry's close friend and Earth-2 husband of Joan the one and only Jay "Flash" Garrick.

It seems this comic has special properties of teleportation which the criminals want to bend to their own illicit uses. As fans we of course know that the true power of any vintage comic is to "teleport" each and every reader back to a time when good was often able to overcome evil and the difference between them was less muddy than it seems in the both the modern world and in the comics of same.

With a powerful winter storm blowing through today, it seems a propitious time to hunker down in a warm dry house and  make use of some of those time-traveling powers that comics are so very very good at. 

Rip Off


  1. When I climb into my comicbook time machine, I always make sure I have a DVD or VHS of cartoons as backup, and a good-sized glass of chocolate milk for fuel! ;)

    1. Chocolate milk! Yum. I watched an episode of American Restoration last night and he fixed up an old milk vending machine which offered up some nice looking chocolate milk. I got to hankering for some.

      Rip Off


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